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The Viotti stroke includes a variety of hooked and separate bowings that incorporate two notes in rhythmic ratios of 3:1 or 2:1 etc.

Using Mr. Gingold’s explanation and description, I define the Viotti stroke as a stroke rather than a set of bowings. The principle of the Viotti stroke is to work on the short note; this will yield a released tone on the long note. This understanding of tension and release is fundamental to beautiful violin playing. If one always plays with tension, the tone is tight. On the contrary, if one plays only with released motions, the tone is flaccid. The combination of tension and release gives breath to the music creating natural phrasing. The underlying principles of this stroke are first introduced in Happy Farmer (Suzuki Book I) in the form of the hooked bowing (dotted quarter-eighth) where the eighth note is articulated.

Add the Viotti Stroke to the Kreutzer #2 variations in your practicing. Begin with Viotti strokes using the whole bow, then at the tip of the bow beginning up bow, and finally at the frog beginning down bow. 

Whole Bow


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Viotti Stroke

The principle of the Viotti Stroke is to work on the short note which releases the tone for the long note and is applied to Kreutzer #2



Review the previous bowing variations that are still troublesome, and then add the remaining variations.

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