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StringPedagogy VOLUME FIVE


SETTING UP FOR SUCCESS IN THE STRING CLASSROOM is designed for teachers teaching violin, viola, cello, and double bass in a classroom setting. Volume Five takes the principles of Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy and applies them to group teaching through videos and written explanations. There are many links that will guide you back to Volumes One and One B for additional information. Teachers have many choices of materials to use in the classroom setting. The information in VOLUME FIVE can be applied to the method of your choice.

Volume Five details the beginning “set-up” stage which includes establishing a proper playing position and developing free and open physical motions. Procedures can be broken down into a series of exercises that allow students to look good and sound great.

The teaching/learning environment is critical. From the first class a non-judgmental atmosphere is established. This means that mistakes are viewed as an opportunity to learn. Much of what one does in life is learned through experimentation. Mistakes should not be used as negative experiences; instead they can be seen as neutral information that will be used to solve problems.

String performance engages the physical, the psychological, and the musical abilities of the player. The fundamental principles of Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy are based on natural physical motions nurtured in this non-judgmental environment. The development of a facile and secure technique begins with physical freedom. By returning to the basic physical motions of playing, restoring and refining the natural balance of movement, a healthy future lies ahead.