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Susan Moses Co-Director

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music String Academy

This is just a short compilation of some of the music that I enrich my students’ lives with.  I firmly believe in utilizing the works of the great cello masters of the 19th and 20th centuries as a foundation of my students’ DNA.  The cello has evolved from these great men and we must know their works intimately.  I have arranged things in conjunction with the Suzuki books to help guide teachers.  Editors have been marked when possible.  (EMB stands for Edito Musica Budapest)




Book 1

First Book of Study-Pieces for Violoncello Ed. Schirmer

Tunes and Exercises for the String Player by Paul Rolland Ed. Boosey & Hawkes

Bach for the Cello Charles Krane (useful from book 1 and up)


Book 2
Breval 3 Easy Sonatas Opus 40 1-3  (Books 2-5)


Performance Pieces for the Cello Ed. EMB
            Several volumes to use (Book 2 up)

Rudolf Matz
            All etudes, duets, etc. Ed. Dominis Music (Book 2 up)
Sebastian Lee First Steps in Violoncello Playing Op 101 Ed. Stainer & Bell

Performance Pieces for Cello Vol II Ed. EMB Z.4480


Book 3

4th Concertino in C Major Breval – Ruyssen Ed. Delrieu

Pejtsik Violoncello Gordonka Volume 3 Ed. EMB (Books 3-7)


Book 4

Julius Klengel Sonatina for Cello and Piano in C Major Op. 47/1 Ed. Breitkopf 3481

Bazelaire Suite Francaise

B. Romberg Sonatas
E Minor Op. 38 #1 (Book 4-7)
B Flat Major Op. 43 (Book 4-8)

Album Skladieb for Cello and Piano Ed. Supraphon Prague (Books 4-8)


Book 5

Hindemith Three Easy Pieces Ed. Schott

Cello and Piano Ed. EMB Compiled by Arpad Pejtsik 2 volumes (Book 5 and up)

Forgotten Melodies Twelve Pieces by Old Masters for ‘cello and piano Ed. Joachim Stutchevsky Associated Music Publishers
B. Romberg Sonatas
C Major Op. 43 (Book 5-8) Ed. International


Book 6

7 Sonatinen for Cello and Piano Ed. EMB

Offenbach Musette Ed. EMB

Tchaikovsky Nocturne


Duport Sonata/Feuillard Ed. Delrieu

Pieces en Concert Couperin Ed. Leduc Paris (Book 6 and up)

            Etude-Caprice Op. 54 No. 4

B. Romberg Sonatas
G Major Op. 43 (Book 6-8)

Popper Popular Concert Pieces Ed. EMB Volumes 1 and 2 (Book 6 and up)


Book 7

LeClair LeTambourin Ed. EMB

            Romance Lyrique

Haydn/Piatigorsky Divertimento in D Major (from Book 7 up)

Klengel Concertini
            Concertino in C Major, G Major, A Minor (Book 7 and up)
            Concert Piece in D Minor Op. 10

            Song Without Words in D Major Op. 109

            Sonata in D Minor

Capriccio Ed. EMB
Concerto in D Minor Op. 76 Ed. International

Popper Chanson Villageoise Ed. International

Cellists Favorite Concert Album (Franklin Collier) Ed. Carl Fischer (Book 7 and up)


Book 8

Max Bruch Kol Nidre

            Chant Du Menestrel Op. 71 Ed. International

            Capriccio Ed. EMB
            Concerto No. 3 in B Minor (After Book 8) Ed. International

            Tarantelle Ed. EMB

            Andante Cantabile Op. 11 Ed. International

JC Bach
            Concerto in C Minor

Concerto in C Minor


Book 9

            Symphonic Variations Op. 23
            Concert Piece in D Major Op. 12

Bruch Canzone (Wonderful either with piano or orchestra!) Ed. International

Serenade Op. 54
Concert Polonaise Ed. International
Hungarian Rhapsody

            Concerto in A Minor Op. 14 Ed. International

            Concerto No. 1 in A Minor Op. 33

Frescobaldi-Cassado Toccata

Boccherini G Major Concerto (Gendron) Ed. Delrieu

Cassado Requiebros Ed. Schott

Bach/ Piatigorsky Concerto in G Major after Vivaldi Ed. International


Book 10 and up

Popper Concerto in E Minor Op. 24

Victor Herbert Cello Concerto No. 2 in E Minor Ed. International

Ginastera Pampeana No. 2
Davidov, Carl
            At the Fountain Op. 20 No 2
            Concerto 1 in B Minor Op. 5
            Concerto No 2 in A Major Op. 14
            Concerto No 4 in E Minor Op. 31
            Concerto No 3 in D Major Op. 18

            Concerto No 2 in D Major Op. 3 Ed. International


Note: Canadian Curriculum Ed Frederick Harris Music Company
These volumes start at the beginning and comprise all levels. I find them very useful although I do not recommend the fingerings.




Feuillard Daily Exercises for the Cello Ed. Schott

Practice for Performance for Cello and Related String Instruments by Daniel Morganstern Ed. Mel Bay

Flesch Scale system for cello Ed. Carl Fischer

F Dotzauer 113 Studies in 4 volumes (From book 4)

Popper 15 easy studies (After book 4) Ed. International

Klengel Scales Volume 2 Daily Exercises for the Cello (From book 5)

Lee 40 Melodic Studies Op. 31 Book 1 for Cello (Book 5)

Kreutzer Etudes for Cello (Use from book 7)

Popper Studies Opus 76 (After book 7)

Franchomme 12 Caprices Op. 7
12 Studies Op. 35 (From book 8)

Popper High School of Cello Playing Op. 73 (Book 9)

Duport 21 Studies (From book 9)

Merk Op. 11 (From book 9)

Gruetzmacher Daily Studies Op. 67
                        Technology of cello playing Op. 38
                        Volume I (From book 7)
                        Studies with Thumb position (Advanced students)

Double Stops for Cello Rick Mooney Ed. Sumy-Birchard Inc.

Jensen-Galamian Scale System for Cello
Jensen Fun in Thumb Position


Rudolph Matz
All etudes, duets, etc Ed. Dominis Music
The Complete Cellist Volumes 1 and 2 Editor Tetra Music Corp. (For all levels)
(I consider these volumes to be the most complete cello technique books available)

Canadian Curriculum Ed. Frederick Harris Music Company
These volumes start at the beginning and comprise all levels. I find them very useful although I do not recommend the fingerings.


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