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Go to Exercise #2 from Schradieck’s School of Violin Technique. This exercise introduces extensions.


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Extensions: Reaching Back and
Reaching Forward


Extending up with the 4th finger and back with the 1st finger, finding left hand balance with Schradieck




There are two ways to extend: up and back. Extending back is the easier of the two.

In an extension from fourth finger to first, place the fourth finger comfortably in its position, then extend back to first by keeping the wrist in. It is also possible to slide up on the "Magic X" while keeping the old finger down (probably first or second finger) until you are in the new position, then place the fourth finger down. This gives the effect of extending back even though you are not lifting the lower finger off the string. When playing fingered octaves keep the hand position closer to the top finger extending the bottom finger back.

Practicing Exercise #2

Prepare for the extensions by allowing the 1st and 2nd fingers to reach back from the 3rd and 4th fingers for the augmented seconds. This approach to extensions maintains the balance and freedom of the left hand. The hand must not be strained or forced.

Caution! Violists may not be able to leave the fingers down (this is OK) that are being returned to because of strain. Be careful!

Listen for and be aware of:


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