Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy - Repertoire List














Suzuki Book 1
Stanley Fletcher, New Tunes for Strings, Book 1
Paul Rolland, Prelude to String Playing
Robert Pracht, Album of Easy Pieces, Op. 12
(Especially Hungarian and Scherzo)
Bonnie Greene, Violin Song Book
Doflein, Violin Method, Book 1
Old Music for Violin (arr. Brodsky Musica Budapest)

Suzuki Book II

1 Octave A Major Scale
1 Octave D Major Scale

2 Octave G Major Scale and Arpeggio


Stanley Fletcher, New Tunes for Strings, Book 2
Doflein, Violin Method, Book 2
Alfred Moffat, Old Masters for Young Players
Constance Seely Brown, J.S. Bach 10 Little Classics
D. Kabalevsky, Album Pieces for 1 and 2 Violins and Piano

Wohlfahrt, Op. 45, Vol. 1
2 Octave Gm, Am, am, B flat m, Dm
Scales with slurs
2 Octave Dm & Cm Scale in 3rd Position

Suzuki Book III
Charles Hall's Fiddle Book
Charles Dancla, 12 Easy Fantasies, Op. 86
V. Persichetti, Masques
Shifrin, Lullaby

Suzuki Book IV

Continue above etudes


Karl Bohm, Perpetual Motion from Little Suite
F. Kuchler, Concerto in D, (Style of Vivaldi)
G.P. Telemann, Concerto in G
Edward Mollenhauer, Infant Paganini
Josef Gingold, Solos for the Violin Player
(Allegro Spiritoso, The Bells)
C. Dancla, Six Airs Varies, Op. 89
Avsharian, Fun with Solos

Suzuki Book V

Wohlfahrt, Op. 45, Vol. 2
Schradieck, Technical Studies Book I
Whistler, Introducing the Positions, Bk 1

Flesch Scales

E. Mollenhauer, The Boy Paganini
K. Bohm, Introduction and Polanaise
Gabriel-Marie, La Cinquaintaine
Bach, Double Concerto
Bela Bartok, Duos for Two Violins
Camille Saint-Saens, The Swan
Martinu, 5 Madrigal Stanzas
Duval, 2 Sonatas (Schott) No. 2 in G

Continue above etudes

Suzuki Book VI
Mlynarski, Mazurka in G
Edmund Severn, Polish Dance
Veracini, Concerto in D
Hovhaness, Oror (Lullaby)
A. Monti, Csardas
Paradis-Dushkin, Sicilienne
Pugnani-Moffat, Allegro Entusiastico
Singalee, Fantasie Pastorale
J.S. Bach, Concerto in A Minor
Bartok, An Evening in the Village
Mozart, Six Variations, K. 360

H. Whistler Preparing for Kreutzer, Vol. 1

J. Trott Melodious Double Stops, Vol. 1


Suzuki Book VIII
Albinoni, Sonatas
Telemann, Fantasie
J. Haydn, Concerto in G Major
Alberti, Sonatas
Georges Delerue, Antienne I
Accolay, Concerto in A Minor


Viotti, Concerto No. 23 in G
Kreisler/Beethoven, Rondino
Ten Have, Allegro Brillant
Kreisler/Gluck, Melodie
Haydn, Concerto in A Major
Mozart, Concerto No. 2
Franz Ries, La Capricciosa
Brahms, Hungarian Dance in A Minor
Jeno Hubay, Hejre Kati

H. Whistler, Preparing for Kreutzer, Vol. 2

Vivaldi, Sonata in D
Wieniawski, Obertasse Mazurka
Kreisler, Sicilienne and Rigaudon
Dvorak, Sonatina
Kreisler Preludium and Allegro
Beethoven, Romance in F
Rode, Concerto No. 7
Corelli and Vivaldi, Sonatas
Wieniawski, Legende
Vitali, Chaconne
Schubert, Sonatinas
Mozart, Concerto No. 3
W. Kroll, Banjo and Fiddle
Mozart, Sonatas
Tartini, Sonata in G Minor
Handel, D Major Sonata
De Beriot, Scene de Ballet

Sevcik, Op. 9
Kreutzer, Etudes
Dont, Op. 37

De Beriot, Air Varie Op. 1 No. 1
Viotti, Concerto No. 22
Heifetz-Dinicu, Hora Staccato
Elgar, La Capriciuse
Kabelevsky, Concerto
Ries Perpetual Mobile

Fiorillo, Etudes

Dvorak, Four Romantic Pieces
Bruch, Concerto in G Minor
Lalo, Symphonie Espagnol
Bartok, Rumanian Folk Dances
Saint-Saens, Danse Macabre
Assorted Kreisler Pieces (from collections)
Heifetz, Encore Album
Tartini, Devil's Trill Sonata
Wieniawski, Scherzo Tarantelle
Bach, Concerto in E Major
Haydn, Concerto in C Major
Bach, Solo Sonatas and Partitas
Beethoven, Sonatas
Paganini, La Campagnella

Rode, Etudes

Nardini, D Major Sonata
Vieuxtemps, Concertos 4 and 5
Saint-Saens, Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso
Ives, Sonata No. 4
Barber, Concerto
Sarasate, Zapateado
Sarasate, ntroduction and Tarantella
Sarasate, Zigeunerweisen
Sarasate, Malaguena
Spohr, Concerto No. 8
Wieniawski, Concerto in D Minor
Vieuxtemps, Ballade and Polonaise
Sinding, Suite

Dont, Op. 35
Sevcik, Book I, Part IV

Dvorak, Romance in F Minor
Mendelssohn, Concerto
Saint-Saens, Concertos No. 3 and 1
A. Bazzini, Round of the Goblins
Brahms, Sonatas
Chausson, Poeme
Mozart, Concerto No. 4 and 5
Glazanov, Concerto
Tchaikovsky Concerto
Paganini, Concerto No. 1
Debussy, Sonata
Franck, Sonata
Wieniawski, Polonaises

Paganini, Caprices

Mozart, Adagio and Rondo
Wieniawski, Concerto in F# Minor
Ysaye, Sonata No. 3
Prokofieff, Concertos
Sibelius, Concerto
Brahms, Concerto
Bartok, Rhapsodies
Faure, Sonata
Saint-Saens, Havanaise
Bruch, Scottish Fantasy
Block, Baal Shem
Schoenberg, Phantasy, Op. 45
Schumann, Sonatas
Beethoven, Concerto

Dounis, School of Violin Technique
Wieniawski, Ecole Moderne, Op. 10



Compiled by Rebecca Henry
All works are for violin and piano unless otherwise specified
* - pieces I have used often and work well.

Beginning Level - Suzuki Vols. 1-3
Rolston, ed. A La Jeunesse, a 20th Century Violin Series, Books 1 and 2 (works by Canadian composers)
Berio, Luciano Duos
Kabalevsky, Dmitri Album Pieces for 1 and 2 Violins and Piano (Kalmus No. 3564)
Martin, Peter Little Suites No. 1-4 (Galaxy Music Corp.)
*No. 2: Valsette, Blues, Promenade
*No. 3: Hoe Down, Horn Pipe, March
*No. 4: Gavotte, Square Dance, Jig
*Elgar, Edward Six Very Easy Pieces in the 1st Position (Bosworth, England). Also available for string orchestra
*Bartok Bela 44 Duos (Boosey & Hawkes)
Avsharian, Evelyn New Skills (Shar, Ann Arbor)
Shifrin, Seymour Lullaby (solo vln.) (Presser)
*Persichetti, Vincent Masques (Presser)
Orff, Carl Acht Stucke , 1931 (2 vlns.) (Schott 6590)
Wernick, Richard Peter's March and Musical Game of Tag (2 vlns.) (Presser)
*Fletcher, Stanley New Tunes for Strings in 2 Vols. (B&H)
Lovinfosse, Dennis Four Etudes for Violin Duet (Presser)
*Dunica, ed. Singing Crickets Easy Pieces by Polish Contemporary Composers (PWM)

Intermediate Level - Suzuki Vols. 4-6
*Bartok, Bela 44 Duos
*Bartok, Bela An Evening in the Village (Edito Musica Budapest)
Hindmith, Paul 14 Easy Duets (Schott #2211)
Hovhannes, Alan Duet for Violin and Harpsichord (Peters)
*Lloyd, Norman Three Pieces (1952) (Assoc. Mus. Pub.)
Lovinfosse, Dennis Four Etudes for Violin Duet
Martinu, Bohuslav Sonatina
*Persichetti, Vincent Masques
Shifrin, Seymour Lullaby (solo violin)
*Shostakovich, Dmitri 5 Pieces (2 violins and piano)
Sugar, Tezso. Concertino (Edito Musica Budapest)
Werner, Jean-Jacques Canto (Editions Musicales Transatlantiques, Paris

Advanced Level - Suzuki Vols. 7-8
*Bartok, Bela Sonatina
Hungarian Folk Songs
Rumanian Dances

Berio, Luciano Duos (2 violins)
Cowell, Henry Hymn and Fuging Tune No. 16 (Peters)
*Hovhanness, Alan Oror (Lullaby) (Peters)
Hovhanness, Alan Khirgiz Suite (3 mvts.) (Peters)
Chayres, Charles Jeu deCordes (G. Billaudot, ed. Paris)
*Delerue, Georges Antianne I (G. Billaudot, ed. Paris)
Finzi, Graciane Interference (G. Billaudot, ed. Paris)
Martinu, B. Sonatina
Hindemith, Paul Meditation (Schott #3683)
*Martinu, B. Five Madrigal Stanzas (Assoc. Mus. Pub.)
Martinu. B. Impromptu (Mvt. 1) (Artia-Prague)
Hindemith. Paul 14 Easy Duets
Shostakovich, D. Livicheskii Val's
*Shostakovich, D. Five Pieces (2 vlns. and piano)
*Felter, Paul. Three Pieces for Violin and Piano (III. Caprice)

Difficult Level - Beyond Suzuki
Copland, Aaron Hoe-Down from "Rodeo" (B&H)
Copland, A. Nocturne (B&H)
Dello-Joio, Norman Fantasia on a Gregorian Theme (Fischer)
Thompson, Virgil Eight Portraits (solo vln.) (B&H)
*Martinu, B. Five Madrigal Stanzas
Ives, C. Largo (Southern Music Pub.)
Cordero, Rogue Two Short Pieces (1945) (Peer International Corp.)
Luening, Otto Meditation (Solo Violin) (Peters)


SUZUKI BOOKS 1-3 (One violin and piano)
Easy Fiddle Tunes (Arr. Charles Hall)
Stanley Fletcher - New Tunes for Strings (esp. March, Sweet Melody, Tenor Aria,
An Old Legend, Caribbean Cafe Music, Country Fiddler, Hora)
Peter Martin - Little Suites Nos. 1-4 (esp. Blues, Square Dance)
Edward Elgar - Six Very Easy Pieces in 1st Position
Kabalevsky - Album Pieces
IU Young Violinists Album of Contemporary Pieces (pub. Bonnie Greene)
Szokolay - Hungarian Childrens Songs (2 or 3 violins)
Vigh - Violin Duos for Beginners (Musica Budapest)
Schubert - Waltzes (2 violins, piano) (Barenreiter)
Bartok - 44 Duos
Dunica - Singing Crickets, Easy Pieces by Polish Contemporary Composers (PWM)

SUZUKI BOOKS 4-6 AND BEYOND (2 or more violins)
Bartok - 44 Duos
Torelli - Double Violin Concerto in G (2 violins and piano)
Tartini - Sonata in D (2 violins and piano)
Pachelbel - Kanon (3 violins and piano)
Vivaldi - Concerto in a minor (2 violins and piano)
Bach - Concerto in d minor (2 violins and piano)
Teleman - Canonic Sonatas (2 violins)
Shostakovich - Five Pieces (2 violins and piano)
Mozart - Duos K. 487
Luciano Berio - Duos
Telemann - Concerto for 4 Violins in D
Vivaldi - Concerto for 4 Violins
Corelli, etc. - Trio Sonatas
David Baker - Calypso ( 2 violins)
Telemann - Concerto for 4 Violins in C
IU Young Violinists Album of Contemporary Pieces
Lutaslawski - Pieces for 4 Violins


Wohlfhart Op. 45 Book 1
Schradieck School of Violin Technique
Whistler Introducing the Positions
Flesch Scales
Wohlfhart Op. 45 Book II
Trott Melodious Double Stops
Whistler Preparing for Kreutzer Book I
Whistler Preparing for Kreutzer Book II
Sevcik Double Stops Op. 9
Kreutzer Etudes
Dont Op. 37
Fiorillo Etudes
Sevcik Op. 8 Shifting
Rode Etudes
Sevcik Book I Part IV Double Stops
Dont Op. 35


Book IV
Seitz Concerto I
Seitz Concerto II
Kuchler Concertino in D (Style of Vivaldi) all three movements
(in Fun With Solos - Avsharian)
Telemann Concerto in G
Seitz Concerto III
Vivaldi A Minor Concerto Mvt. I
Mollenhauer Infant Paganini
Gabriel-Marie La Cinquaintaine
Vivaldi Concerto in A Minor , Mvt. 3
Allegro Spiritoso and The Bells: from the Gingold book - Solos for the Violin
Brahms Hungarian Dance from Fun With Solos

Book V
Bach Gavotte
Vivaldi Concerto in G Minor, Mvt. I
Country Dance
German Dance - optional
Veracini Sonata from Book V
Mollenhauer The Boy Paganini
Persichetti Masques 1 and 4
Bach Double
Bohm Introduction and Polonaise

Book VI
Handel F Major Sonata (1st and 2nd mvt.)
Fiocco Allegro
Corelli La Folia
Duval Sonata in G (Sarabande and Gigue)
Dancla Air Varie No. 3 and 5
Veracini Concerto in D (good for rehabilitation)
Telemann Sonata in D (Sarabande and Gigue)
Severn Polish Dance
Eccles Sonata in g Minor from Book VIII
Brahms Hungarian Dance (Gingold Book)
Gretry Tambourin (Book 8)
Mazurka Mlynarski
Singalee Fantasie Pastorale
Hovhaness Oror (Lullaby)
Bartok An Evening in the Village
Bach A Minor Concerto
Haydn G Major Concerto
Accolay Concerto
Viotti Concerto No. 23
A. Monti Csardas
Veracini Sonata from Book VIII
Kreisler Sicilienne and Rigaudon
Gluck/Kreisler Melodie
Beethoven/Kreisler Rondino
Ten Have Allegro Brillant
Beethoven F Major Romance
Hubay Hejre Kati
Kreisler Preludium and Allegro
Rode Concerto No. 7


Group I
Bach a minor, E major
Haydn G Major and C Major
Mozart #2, #3, #4, #5
Bruch G Minor
Wieniawski d minor and F# minor
Vieuxtemps #2, #4, #5
Saint-Saens #1 and #3
Paganini #1
Group II
Prokofiev d minor and g minor

Group III
Other 20th Century Composers