Thomastik Infeld

Conneolly - Thomastik Infeld

Volume One (Index)
Starting the Beginning Violinist

Volume One B (Index)
Teacher's Guide to Suzuki Books One & Two

Volume Two (Index)
Establishing a Healthy Foundation

Volume Four (Index)
Cello Teaching of Susan Moses

Volume Five (Index)
Setting Up for Success in the String Classroom with Brenda Brenner

Volume Six (Index) (New!)
A Collection of Short Stories

Interviews with Mimi Zweig

Rest No More?
(The shoulder rest, that is) by Jonathan Swartz

Strings Clinic
(Make a Sound Choice) by Chris Rohrecker, Connolly Music

Viola Skills (Link)
A Coordinated Learning Approach to Music Performance and Music Theory by Allen Winold



Repertoire List

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