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Dear String Teachers, Students and Parents:

We have entered yet another phase of Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy.com. It has the capacity to integrate Volumes One, One B, and Volume Two. Volume Four, Cello Teaching with Susan Moses, and Volume Five, Setting Up for Success in the String Classroom with Brenda Brenner, have been added to this website. The Online Edition allows for facile navigation between all volumes and for easy access to web links and references. I hope you will find the information helpful in your playing and teaching. Enjoy the journey!

Mimi Zweig

Mimi Zweig



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You now have access to all StringPedagogy weekly teaching videos on YouTube. Each week two to three new videos will be available for viewing during the academic year. I hope you will find these useful in your teaching. Please subscribe to Mimi Zweig’s YouTube channel to receive updated notification of new videos.